The Best Borehole Drilling Companies in Harare - Borehole Drilling in Harare!

Borehole Drilling in Zimbabwe is carried out to satisfy mankind’s ever-growing demand for water, mainly for domestic use, irrigation, industrial and livestock needs. 

Borehole Drilling in Zimbabwe is mainly done efficiently using latest state of the automatic art pieces of machinery. Currently, Blue Water Systems is one of the largest borehole drilling companies in Zimbabwe with years of experience in drilling and equipping.

Over the years, Blue Water Systems has proven to be one of the best borehole drilling companies in Harare and the rest of Zimbabwe. Being one of the Leading and the best Borehole Drilling companies in Zimbabwe, we always strive to give our clients the best and most prompt services. 
The Best Borehole Drilling Companies in Harare - Borehole Drilling in Harare!
The Best Borehole Drilling Companies in Harare - Borehole Drilling in Harare!

Requirements For Drilling a Borehole in Zimbabwe

In order to drill a borehole in Zimbabwe, the client has to have the following:

  1. Hydrogeological Survey: This is done to determine the underground water potential. A hydrogeology survey report will give an estimate of the drilling depth, site location and the nature of rock and soil formation which will assist in determining casing materials and the cost of drilling. This is to establish the soil formation, depth and location of where the actual drilling will be done. It also assists in getting the required government approvals.
  2. Borehole Drilling: The actual drilling involves machine mobilization and drilling using rigs and bits. The casing is also done at this stage. This is done using steel or plastic casings. Casings help in preventing the borehole from collapsing and prevent impurities from contaminating the borehole water.
  3. Test Pumping: Once drilling is complete, test pumping is done to determine the borehole yield or capacity. This is done by continuously pumping water out of the borehole. Test pumping also helps in selecting the right pump for the borehole.
  4. Chemical Analysis: This is done to determine the suitability of the borehole water for drinking, irrigation or any other use. Some boreholes produce pure neutral water while others may produce salty water.
  5. Borehole Equipping. This entails the installation of pumps. Electric Submersible Pumps and Solar Submersible may be installed depending on expert advice.

Blue Water Systems Is A Boreholes Drilling Company Based In Harare, Zimbabwe. Excellence and Safety Is At Our Core When Borehole Drilling in Zimbabwe.

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